W e are a comprehensive consulting service providing management expertise and training throughout the United States and Canada. We focus on establishing, consolidating and renewing Catholic diocesan and parochial cemetery programs while providing chancery and cemetery support services.
Our approach is founded in ministerial service, eight operating disciplines, and management-by-objective principles. Our principal and associates have both education and years of experience in theology, cemetery administration, information technology, sales management, and accounting and finance issues.

Recognizing an increase in regulatory challenges, we develop new and appropriate strategies as well as identify and correct faulty practices to assure full compliance with governing canonical and civil regulations.

We develop and implement contemporary approaches and update programs and services. Our goal is to strengthen the Catholic church’s position in both diocesan and parochial cemetery ministry well into the 21st century.

Since our beginning in 1990 we’ve completed more than 500 projects in large and small dioceses throughout North America.

The Reid Group Strategic Partnership

The Reid Group's mission is to help leaders and organizations transform challenges into opportunities to create a better world. The Reid Group works with Catholic dioceses, parishes, schools and religious communities as well as other faith- and values-based organizations in three primary areas:

  • Strategic Planning and Fund Development
  • Leadership Formation and Search
  • Mediation and Peacemaking

Joe Sankovich and Tom Reid from the Reid Group have been in conversation for more than a year to explore possibilities for the formation of a formal strategic partnership, designed to strengthen collaboration between the two organizations to add value to their service to clients.